Business Law

A lot of business entrepreneurs who are starting up or expanding are not sure whether they need a business lawyer. Some have the perception that only large or multi-national firms need one. There is also the perception that engaging a business lawyer is a major cost that can be avoided.

There are definitely matters that a small business owner can handle himself or herself. This includes writing a business plan, applying for an employer identification number, submitting IRS firm and hiring employees.

There are however matters for which it is important to engage a knowledgeable and experienced business lawyer. This includes;

  • Drafting employee contracts or terms of service agreements to ensure that a company is not in violation of state and federal labor laws and legal path for terminating an employee.
  • Drafting a partnership agreement that outlines the duties of each partner and how profits and losses will be shared.
  • Ensuring business operations are not in violation of environmental protection laws.
  • Negotiating sale of a company, a merger with another company or acquisition of another company or its assets.
  • Laying out the terms and conditions of a sale such as warranties, refund policies, replacements and others terms of sale in compliance with consumer rights.

Prevention not cure

It is said that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure and that certainly applies to businesses as well; it is better to prevent problems rather than try to resolve them. Part of prevention would involve consulting a business attorney. An overview of your business processes will ensure that you don’t encounter problems that lead to losses or that have you being sued by your partners, clients, suppliers or other parties you do business with.

Let’s take an example where an employee files a gender discrimination case against you because you have relieved an expectant mother of their duties because they are missing work too often or they are unable to put in a full day’s work. The cost and time spent on such as case would been avoided if a business attorney if a business lawyer had gone over your human resources beforehand.

Another service that a business attorney will provide is to keep you updated on laws that affect businesses as they change. This would mean you would never be caught 0ff-guard with lawsuits such as about revised minimum wages or overtime pay.

The right attorney with the right advice

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